November 11, 2016

Caution, dear reader: there's no point to this particular entry, I'm just rambling.

Then again, aren't I always?

I've been idly doodling a programming language and it led me to thinking about the nature of objects. Crazy how they do. Poking around in that thoughtspace, I was wondering how far you could get with just plain ol' functions, which is the ill-defined road we're going to wander down today.

November 3, 2016

Like them devout numbers, the Y combinator is a right of passage for any would-be functional programmer.

No, we're not talking about orange-flavoured racism, we've got some functional fun up our sleeves. I've never really understood the damn thing and I'm excited to try to rectify that.

So, how do it do?

July 23, 2016

Let's make the compiler work for us, yo.

So, elevator pitch, we're gunna get the Java compiler to enforce the state of our program.

Say we had, I don't know, a ThingBuilder. It builds a Thing. You probably figured that out. You've got a good and pretty head on those shoulders of yours. It looks like this (the ThingBuilder, not your head):

April 24, 2014

Hey yo hey. So, over in the world of mutable objects, it's pretty common to bash away on some poor, abused piece of data by calling a bunch of (non-referentially transparent) methods on it. I mean, it's kind of the only way anything gets done, right? That being the case, you'd think there'd be better way to do it.

See, there's tends to be a lot of verbosity. Like, say you had your Foo class with a couple of methods doBar and doBaz:

Assuming you've gotta call doBar and doBaz to get things moving, you'll end up with something like this:

February 26, 2014

The intersection between game development and functional programming is a wild place. See, while we're pretty good at making games in OOP world, in FP, it's all still a bit of a mystery. Sure, people are tossing around stuff like functional reactive programming, but on the whole, it's a relatively unexplored area and one that's sparking a lot of creative thought.

Anyway, recently I gave programming a game in a functional language another go because, if nothing else, I'm a masochist.

After reading James Hague's stuff about a million times, I ended up with an architectural pattern that seemed to work pretty well. Let's talk about it.

January 30, 2014

Boy, if I could be paid to be unemployed, I'd be a billionaire. Real talk, I think I'm the best in the field. I'm thinking of founding an awards show for bums so I can start raking in the trophies.

Anyway, all this time spent not working has given me a lot of time to, well, work on things.

Turtle graphics has always struck as a thing overflowing with charm. Like, how cute is the idea an altruistic turtle artist? Plus, word is it's a great way to introduce minds to this whole computer business, so that's neat. A recent video featuring our beloved chelonian inspired me to try my hand at implementation, so let's talk about it.